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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does it all work?

There are some simple steps to follow:

  • £50 deposit will secure your wedding website

  • You will then be emailed a link to a digital form

  • Complete the form information and upload your images 

  • Click submit

  • Then your website will be designed and created within 10 working days

  • You will be sent a link to approve your website

  • Any amendments will be made and final approval

  • The balance for your website must be paid within 3 days of the live date

  • Once you have paid the remaining balance, you will be emailed a QR code ready for you to send out to your guests on the live date


I am here to answer any questions and to make this process fun and easy for you both!

We would like to ask for a gift of money but it seems a bit cheeky, can you do this for us on our website?

Absolutely! Times have changed and when couples have lived together for any period of time prior to marriage they usually have all of the things that they need for their home. I have found that asking for a monetary gift via my wedding websites has proved an easy way to get over this perceived awkwardness in asking. I do however find the most successful websites are those where the couple have stated what they will be spending their monetary gift on for example their honeymoon or home improvements.

The only issue remains is how to take the gift without transaction fees or commission and I have found that the perfect solution is with PayPal.  If you send money to a friends or family there is no fee to pay.  The link below explains how this works, I can also add this link to your website to guide your guests through the process. 

How do we know we will like the finished website?

The design process is all about trust and I need you to put your trust in me that I will create you something so beautiful that you will be proud to share your website with your guests.

Throughout this process I am available to talk on the phone, chat over WhatsApp or email - please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any worries at any stage. 

I have many years experience of designing, creating and teaching website design and development.  When I am not designing wedding websites I am creating sites for entrepreneurs, charities, new businesses as well as established businesses. To reassure you and to view my work please visit:

I love what I do and I always ensure that my websites are flawless and beautifully designed!

Why do we need a wedding website?

  • Digital invitations can’t be lost. You won’t have to worry about invitations getting lost in the post or Uncle So-and-So accidentally tossing out the save-the-date. If anyone looses the link to the wedding website, just text, message or email it to them again.


  • Cost saving to your budget and the environment.  Do I need to mention how much money you will save on stamps? In return your guests do not have to worry about sending responses back in the post. Plus less paper can only help our environment.

  • Simplify communication with your guests. Rather than emailing, calling or having to chase down dozens or hundreds of people whenever you have a wedding-related update, you can post your wedding details to your website. If things change, send out an email to all of your guests using the contact information that they provide via your site. It’s as simple as that.

  • Answer everyone’s questions once. The second you start mailing out those save-the-dates, you know your inbox will be inundated with questions. Even until the last minute, you’ll have guests calling to ask for directions to the location and wondering if the venue will keep everyone dry on a rainy day. A wedding website will field all of those questions on your behalf.

  • Get an accurate head (and cost) count. Digital RSVP systems make it easy for guests to let you know that they’re attending. They’re also useful for collecting information on plus-ones, food preferences and any other special needs they may have. The easier you make it for guests to RSVP, the more accurate your head count will be.

  • Thoroughly modern. In a world where we all use technology every day, why wouldn't we want to bring this ease of use into wedding planning!


Why should we pay when we can make a free wedding website ourselves?

  • Free with a company or DIY?  So, you could join a free wedding website company and use their populated pages to edit for your wedding but they just lack personality -  You won't have ultimate control and you are limited on choices to express your colour scheme, unique vision and style. Your wedding is the most important day of your lives, why compromise on your wedding website? Then there is the DIY approach, I have fixed multiple wedding websites that have 'gone wrong' once they have been published. When you have many guests the last thing you want is broken links or failed automations :-(


  • Time saving.  I have been creating websites for over 18 years, it has taken years to perfect my craft, for a busy couple in the midst of wedding planning, I have no idea how you will find the time to take on your own bespoke website design and implementation.

  • Cheaper to DIY? Domain and web hosting is not cheap and you have to buy into a plan that runs for at least a year.  If you want a plan for 6 or 18 months you will have to pay for either 12 or 24 months. You might be surprised to learn that many of my plans are cheaper than your own hosting.

  • How do free wedding website companies make their money? Nothing is ever free. Many will use your wedding registry list as an affiliate seller approach making a percentage commission on each of your wedding gifts purchased. Some will take a percentage of the monetary gifts that your guests send. Some companies simply bombard you with adverts to support their 'free' website :-(

At Isle Celebrate, all of my websites are bespoke, no commission is taken, no adverts will ever go near one of my websites. Whilst I may show you examples on the website of stock images and templates, this is simply because a wedding is very personal occasion and it would not be right for me to show 'real life' websites that are currently active. ​

Your website should reflect your wedding day and the only way to ensure this is to use a website designer who wants nothing more than to create you perfection!

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