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Using PayPal to send a monetary gift without commission...

Simple instructions that can be added to your website

If you would like to receive monetary gifts from your guests I will politely request this along with or instead of a gift registry link. I have found the online approach makes it easier for guests as society moves further towards being cashless.  Withdrawing money and putting cash inside a card is quite old fashioned and for some almost unthinkable.  You may even find you will have cheques to deal with.


So by providing an easy, secure way of sending money online this can help both you and your guests. You can then withdraw your monetary gifts to any bank account that you have linked. By doing this you do not have to share bank or card details with any of your guests.


There is also nothing worse than guests wanting to send you a monetary gift but reluctant due to percentage commission taken in the transaction.  Below is a set of instructions that can be included on your wedding website, they will be personalised for you to help guests simply send you their monetary gift without any transaction fee to them or you.

Paypal link for wedding guests to send monetary gift

Click on the button on your wedding website to send a monetary gift (on your website this will appear in the gift section).

PayPal screenshot send money without any commission to friends and family

Once you have logged into PayPal, on the homepage, click on the Send money icon (blue arrow).

PayPal free transaction for wedding guest to send bride and groom money

Type in the email address in which you want the money to be sent (on your website it will clearly say your email address to avoid any confusion), click Next.

Wedding gift registry, asking for money from wedding guests

Choose your gift amount and don't forget to leave a well wishing message with your name so that the couple will know it is sent with love from you, then click Next.

Link for wedding guests to send bride and groom money gifts for wedding day instead of gift registry

This is the important bit... Choose the For friends and family option and click Continue.

PayPal information for wedding guests to send money to bride and groom on wedding day

Check the details and click Send.

The recipients will receive an email to say that they have a new message and gift - without any fee or commission.

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